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Alberta Institute of Agrologists – History and Regulatory Importance

A member of GCL’s senior leadership, Ryan Puhlmann is proud and honoured to be involved with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIA), and reflects on the history, importance and ultimately the ‘Why’ of the AIA?

Three key facts to highlight, drawn from the AIA webinar, 2021:

  • Agrology in Alberta has been legislated since 1947 and has evolved considerably from a professional regulator and member association to strictly regulator. This paradigm shift is centered around regulating the practice of Agrology (by its members) to protect and serve the public interest.
  • Self-regulation is a ‘privilege’ (revocable) and not a right, and this governance is closely monitored by Government(s) and is being targeted for change. The AIA is the professional regulatory organization, afforded its power under the Agrology Profession Act and members should see self-regulation as an extension of government power and authority.
  • In recent years there is a strong trend to move away from self-regulation – largely due to lack of trust and public confidence.

So – How does self-regulation serve members? To name a few: developing and showcasing higher standards, enhancing public trust, being licensed practitioners, ability to be statutory delegate, and establishing members’ services association(s).

Ryan values the importance of being an AIA member as it serves to remind of the duty to serve the public and his passion to serve objectives (e.g. environmental outcomes) greater than his own.

Ryan encourages checking out ‘Regulating Agrology” (https://aia.in1touch.org/site/Webinar_Presentation) to deeply understand the AIA institution.