Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment’s are a non-intrusive site investigation designed to assess the environmental condition of a site/building(s).  It assesses the risk of potential environmental liability at a property associated with current or historical activities at the site and neighboring properties.  It includes a historical review, site visit and personal interviews.

The focus is an intrusive investigation that follows from the findings of a Phase I ESA. When the Phase I ESA reveals potential sources of contamination, a Phase II ESA is undertaken to verify or refute the sources of subsurface contamination identified. This is done by sampling and analyses of soil and groundwater. In Canada, Phase II ESAs are usually conducted in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association environmental protocol.

A Phase III Environmental Site Assessment is usually the next course of action when contamination is confirmed present at a Site.

Environmental Remediation

GCL is very familiar with Alberta’s framework to manage contaminated sites, including Alberta Tier 1 and 2 Soil and Groundwater Remediation Guidelines. GCLs approach is consistent with policy outcomes, designed to prevent pollution, ensure health protection and provide productive end-land use.

For more complicated sites when AT1 or AT2 options are not available, GCL utilizes conceptual site models to plan and implement soil and groundwater sampling programs and to build risk assessment and management options.

Environmental Reclamation

GCL utilizes industry leaders and senior expertise to guide programs to reclamation success.  Our team evaluates reclamation from the micro to the macro level and executes reclamation projects in a timely and coordinated fashion to the satisfaction of its clients.  We have completed thousands of projects across Western Canada in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Reclamation often encompasses many stages, including:

  • Site supervision, planning and implementation;
  • Reclamation monitoring;
  • Vegetation and Weed Management;
  • Detailed site assessments; and
  • Reclamation certificate applications

GCL takes pride in establishing client targets around reclamation and is recognized as an industry leader in Reclamation Certificates achieved.

Regulatory Applications, Monitoring and Assessment

GCL has provided project management, application preparation and supported regulatory submissions for various clients in the Oil and Gas Sector, Oil Sands, Municipal and Urban sectors.  Applications and submissions are prepared to satisfy the requirements of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER); Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), and federal (e.g. Department of Fisheries and Oceans) and associated with municipal development processes.

GCL is has experienced former regulatory professionals who lead, and guide submissions commonly associated with, for example:

  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) Applications (for AER/AEP);
  • EPEA Codes of Practice Registrations;
  • Water Act Approvals and Codes of Practice;
  • AER Directive 001 – Liability Assessment Applications

GCL supports each client uniquely on various biophysical programs and monitoring requirements associated with approved facilities, these often include: Groundwater and Surfacewater Monitoring programs, soils monitoring proposals and programs, and wetland assessments.

Environmental Liability Assessment

GCL has supported the oil and gas industry and waste management industry in:

  • Environmental liability assessments (e.g., Property acquisition and divestiture).
  • Site-Specific Liability Assessments (SSLA) supporting LLR Program and AER Directive 001.

Spill Impact Assessment, Remediation

GCL’s team is experienced across many oilfields and involving a variety of spill types including:  produced water, crude oil, emulsions, methanol, glycol, and various refined products.

GCL provides support on each stage: incident commander, spill sampling and monitoring, containment and recovery, and remedial approaches.

Indigenous Support and Relationships

GCL is proud to support many of its clients and to work in a collaborative fashion on First Nation and Metis communities.

GCL’s team is dedicated to relationship building and supports opportunities for employment and utilization of Indigenous service providers.