Why GCL?

GCL utilizes local people / local resources. 

Structured to use a virtual model, GCL reduces business office footprint, while deploying team members directly to sites, spills, or geographic areas, typically within 1-1 ½ hours from your site.

GCLs team members work and live in the communities they serve, and their contribution is felt deeply in community initiatives, charitable services, leadership and in grass-roots initiatives.

Given the strong community interconnections – GCL extends its service delivery and client efficiencies by using local businesses for the execution of work.

GCL is different from most other consulting companies, unique is an understatement. While GCL focuses on building strong relationships with our clients, and cherishes the working relationships with other service providers, GCL utilizes a different model to raise the bar above our competitors.

GCL is a family-based business, beginning with an owner whom is a well-recognized industry technical leader. A family mindset is woven into the fabric of the team, and the interconnections between team members is strong involving close educational experiences, and long-term industry working relationships.

Long term experience with field-based project managers.

The team has over 350 years of combined industry knowledge and experience. GCL expertise is second to none in industry considering its size;

See the big picture; 
Projects are assigned routinely by area so team is focused on projects and results; 
See all the project elements and layers to achieve site closure, considering geographic field dynamics; 
Realtime feedback, issues and solutions are presented – instant reactivity. 
These few attributes are just some of GCLs uniques; however, they also result in better cost management, lower capital requirement for the client (i.e., GCL routinely achieves 15-20% project cost savings). GCL delivers a full suite of services to manage the asset life cycle from planning, abandonment, construction, operations through to remediation/reclamation.