About Us

“There is a FIRE within us to reclaim the past while developing our communities”

F: Flexibility

Flexibility  We are adaptive, have an open mind and welcome new thinking 

I: Innovation

Innovation – We think outside the box, finding unique solutions for clients and create long-term value 

R: Resiliency

Resiliency -We embrace change and master challenges with integrity and respect 

E: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship – We provide sustainable, innovative and cost effective and value-added solutions that empower our clients and team 


2008 – Starting Small with Big GOAL’s

GCL is a privately owned family company founded in 2008. Tony Gregov is the founder and president of GCL. He took a bold step in his career and left a successful consulting career to forge out on his own. He wanted to deliver unique and tailored solutions learning from his experiences with a focus on remediation and reclamation.

2012 – GCL Growth Accelerated

GCLs resources continue to grow dynamically and part of its strength is its ability to expand and contract quickly. GCLs team expands to approximately 30 across various locations throughout Alberta. GCLs head office is in Calgary, Alberta with the remaining locations setup as virtual satellite locations (e.g., Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Vermilion, Camrose, etc.).

2017 – Saskatchewan Expansion

Despite having supported clients in Saskatchewan from 2011, GCL establishes an office location and focuses on expanding local solutions and client support with dedicated Saskatchewan team members.

2019-2021 – EOS Implementation and Leadership Team

A core value of GCL is an entrepreneurial mindset. In order to take GCL to another level, GCL adopts the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to keep it laser focused on business success. Concurrently, GCL defines its leadership team, who is dedicated to supporting specific business and program areas. Check out “Our Leadership Team” (hyperlinked to Management Page) to learn more.

Field Experts and Project Managers


Family-based Business


Strong Relationships with Clients

Who We Are

GCL Environmental Ltd. was founded on the principle of providing environmental consulting services to Oil and Gas companies within Alberta. GCLs aims to be agile, dynamic, responsive, and driven by a strong work ethic. All of GCLs historic and much of its current work has been based on: 

  • Relationships

  • Reputation

  • Performance

GCL is blessed to be surrounded by such diverse clients in the environmental industry. Our relationships have continued to support growth in numerous areas and a big part of this success is how successfully we integrate with our clients. 

Consulting is often viewed as being disruptive; however, GCL strives to be a team player, and to optimize the workflow associated with a project or program.  Communication is a cornerstone to reclamation success and critical to effective, and efficient outcomes. 

GCL Mission

GCL views projects and programs with a full-lifecycle mindset; however, with the goal of receiving a reclamation certificate.  This takes a team and the dedication of many individuals from local to corporate to achieve.

GCL’s Vision statement is “There is a FIRE within us to reclaim the past while developing our communities”.  GCL prides itself on ensuring that its clients are maximizing their return on investment.  We work intimately with our customers to resolve complicated environmental challenges while adhering to our Vision and to our four core Values of Flexibility, Innovation, Resiliency and Entrepreneurship (FIRE).