GCL Insights 


The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 concluded with Canada thinking beyond our borders. The most popular outcome of the weeks-long event was the ‘loss and damage fund’ for vulnerable countries. This would provide funding to areas most impacted by climate change. What we saw here was a shift of focus to adaptation. This isn’t a new concept; at the 2021 G7 Leaders’ Summit, Canada announced a commitment of $5.3 billion over the next five years for support. 

We’re not immune to these severe weather events in Canada, as our eastern coast. This isn’t too far removed from what we do at GCL. After all, we’re in the business of reclaiming land. 

With severe weather events also come impacts that lead to impact assessments and monitoring. Our high Canadian standards for environmental protection should put us at the top of the list as leading examples of best practices.